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Corona Hygiene Special

TZS 9,600.00 excl. VAT

TZS 23,820.00 excl. VAT

TZS 1,210.00 excl. VAT

TZS 19,800.00 excl. VAT

QAC based disinfectant for open plant applications.

TZS 188,165.68 excl. VAT

A skin disinfectant based on isopropyl alcohol and skin care components.

TZS 113,926.85 excl. VAT

An alcohol based rub developed for hand disinfection. This product is suitable for use in all areas including food care, healthcare and for surgical disinfection.

TZS 171,652.17 excl. VAT

A neutral general purpose liquid cleaner with excellent degreasing and fat removing properties.

TZS 89,564.79 excl. VAT

A concentrated liquid disinfectant formulated for use on all hard surfaces including food contact surfaces.

TZS 165,778.68 excl. VAT

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