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Fabric Care

TZS 253,895.27 excl. VAT

perfumed detergent // also suitable for cleaning

TZS 42,966.89 excl. VAT

A powder detergent with oxygen bleach.

TZS 154,070.34 excl. VAT

A liquid alkalinity neutraliser that is highly effective in the neutralisation of residual alkalinity.

TZS 253,895.27 excl. VAT

Professional Destainers Range Solution consists of:1 x Clax Magic Protein1 x Clax Magic Rust1 x Clax Magic Oxi1 x Clax Magic Multi

TZS 245,000.00 excl. VAT

TZS 609,094.59 excl. VAT

TZS 148,654.29 excl. VAT

TZS 305,113.02 excl. VAT

TZS 277,748.74 excl. VAT

TZS 253,895.27 excl. VAT

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