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Housekeeping & Washroom

Room and fabric freshener with ONT

TZS 114,416.95 excl. VAT

non aerosol air freshner //ready to use

TZS 185,000.00 excl. VAT

multi surface cleaner for glass and other water resistant hard surfaces.

TZS 54,350.00 excl. VAT

TZS 586,358.57 excl. VAT

Divermite System // Concentrated air freshener

TZS 254,895.15 excl. VAT

An hygienic hard surface clenaer concentrate// Divermite System

TZS 206,057.89 excl. VAT

TZS 164,991.04 excl. VAT

TZS 159,930.56 excl. VAT

TZS 83,638.00 excl. VAT

30 Bags/Roll, 8 Rolls, Bag Size: 75x90cm

TZS 92,119.32 excl. VAT

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