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Upendo Honey

Upendo Honey is sourced from untouched Miombo forests reserves in western Tanzania, Kigoma region. The honey is incredibly high in floral diversity creating a rich, full flavour and meets the organic standards of both USDA and EU specifications. This 100% pure Honey is a truly premium Tanzanian product and one of the World’s Best Honeys.
We believe Upendo Honey will support you in providing excellent ingredients for your guests and staff in order to fulfill the unique hospitality, dining or beverage experience you are delivering every day.


The use of harsh chemicals and pesticides in our food is making us sick. The deforestation of the globe, hurts us all – and those in poor countries the fastest. We have a responsibility to future generations to not destroy this one earth. At Upendo Honey the environment is at the forefront of everything we do. Unhealthy forests means no bees. No bees means no honey.

Order Desk

Dar Es Salaam
Phone: +255 688 – 90 90 90

Phone: +255 692 – 093 985

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