Enhance Hand Hygiene with Diversey Soft Care Plus

Introducing the Diversey Soft Care Line Plus H41 (6x800ML), a premium antibacterial hand soap designed for the demanding needs of the hospitality industry. This unique formula is enriched with antimicrobial agents and lactic acid, ensuring hands are not only hygienically clean but also cared for. What’s more, our package comes with a complimentary dispenser and our exclusive free technician service, providing an all-in-one solution for your establishment.

Recognizing the importance of safety in food service areas, Soft Care Plus is perfume-free, avoiding the risk of tainting food with unwanted scents. Its gentle yet effective cleaning properties make it ideal for frequent use, ensuring hands are left feeling soft, without the risks of cracking or dryness. Additionally, Soft Care Plus is free from controversial ingredients such as triclosan, parabens, and PHMB, aligning with modern health and safety standards.

For a comprehensive hand hygiene solution that combines effectiveness with care, choose Diversey Soft Care Line Plus H41. Get in touch with our team for an on-site survey and discover how this product can elevate the hygiene standards of your hospitality business.