Revitalize Your Space with Diversey Room Care R5-Plus

Enhance the ambiance of your hospitality settings in Tanzania and Zanzibar with the Diversey Room Care R5-Plus (2×1.5LT), a premium concentrated air freshener designed for modern housekeeping excellence. As a key component of the Divermite System, R5-Plus works effectively to neutralize odors and leave behind a welcoming ‘Fresh Linen’ fragrance, contributing to a clean and fresh atmosphere in guest areas.

Our R5-Plus formula is not just an odor neutralizer; it’s a statement of quality, utilizing patented O.N.T. technology to transform malodours and ensure long-lasting freshness. It’s safe for use on colorfast fabrics and complements a comprehensive room care regimen. Available with a free on-loan dispenser and inclusive technical service, our offering integrates seamlessly into your daily operations, backed by Diversey’s commitment to environmental responsibility and user safety.

With the Room Care R5-Plus, you’re choosing a solution that aligns performance with eco-friendliness, all while maintaining the highest standards for guest satisfaction. Reach out for a delivery service that includes installation and maintenance, and let Diversey Room Care R5-Plus elevate the sensory experience of your establishment.