Soft Care All Purpose Foam: A Fresh Approach to Hand Hygiene

Discover the versatile and efficient Soft Care All Purpose Foam IC 4×1.3L W1, a general-purpose foam hand wash that combines practicality with a touch of luxury. This product is ideal for environments that value both hygiene and user experience. Infused with a delightful floral fragrance, Soft Care All Purpose Foam leaves a pleasant aroma, enhancing the ambience of any washroom.

Formulated with a powerful surfactant system, this hand wash gently lifts dirt from the skin, making it highly effective against grease and other soils. Its pH-balanced nature and compatibility testing ensure it is gentle on skin, reducing irritation and maintaining skin health even with frequent use. The foam’s easy-rinse properties and even application highlight its user-friendliness, making it a top choice for public areas.

The biodegradable and ethically sourced ingredients of Soft Care All Purpose Foam IC demonstrate our commitment to environmental responsibility and user safety. This economic, yet luxurious hand wash solution is the optimal choice for everyday use in any hospitality setting. Contact our team today for an on-site survey and see how Soft Care All Purpose Foam can enhance the hand hygiene in your facility.